About Us

There really isn't much of an 'us' unless you mean me and my wife and my five crazy children.  I'm pretty much a one man operation other than that.  

If you don't know me, I'm Mike S. Miller, NY Times best selling artist on DC Comics 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' comic book series, the #1 digital comic in the world 4 years running as well as being a #1 selling Graphic Novel series.  Also Cover artist on George R. R. Martin's 'A Game of Thrones' comic book adaptation.  I've been drawing comics for 23 years now, and don't plan on stopping any time soon!  I also love to write, and have a couple projects in various stages of development in Hollywood, but I never count those chickens until the check clears.  :)

Why have I FINALLY decided to make my work available online?  Well, not too long ago I was just goofing around drawing some childhood favorites as Rocket and Groot.

I had barely finished drawing it before one of my art collectors messaged me and asked if I had any new original art for sale.  I took a snapshot of this piece and sent it to her, and she bought it on the spot, and even asked me to do another one for her!  Well, I did those two, then a third, and when I put them on my FB page... BOOM.  These things went COMPLETELY VIRAL.  I mean just about every pop culture website you could think of had an article on these pieces.  It was something else!  So I offered them for sale through FB, and got a decent little chunk of change out of selling them as prints.

So over the course of time, I decided to keep playing around with my old friends Calvin and Hobbes, and mixing them up with a bunch of my favorite characters new and old.  I've ended up with a series that I am quite proud of, and I decided that rather than just sell them to the few hundred fans I get to meet at conventions through the year, I was going to make them available to anyone with an internet connection.  That's where you come in!  

So now you don't have to make your way to a convention I'm attending, or drive by my home in sunny San Diego, CA to get your hands on my signed art prints, I'll just ship them straight to you from my house!  :)

Take your time, peruse my web store, and make sure you check me out on Instagram @UnderdogMike or on Facebook @MikeSMillerArt.  I'm also on Twitter @AbacusMike, but usually I'm just tagging pics from IG there.  

My website is MikeSMillerArt.com, and has several galleries of my other works there.


Thanks for coming by!  Have fun!